Patrick Hughes and George Brecht

‘There is only one thing that is certain, namely that we can have nothing certain; and therefore it is not certain that we can have nothing certain,’ Samuel Butler said, expressing in that mind-boggler all the elements required to form a classical paradox. Through the ages, wise men and jesters have been intrigued by such twists and riddles which defy common sense and yet appear to be true. If, like Oscar Wilde, you can resist everything except temptation, then this book is irresistible. There is nothing like a paradox to torment and tantalize the mind, to tease the eye and tie you into knots.

This is the first ever anthology of paradoxes. A book of illogic and imagination.

  • Hardcover/Paperback editions: 128 pages
  • First published by: Doubleday & Company Inc, USA 1975, Jonathan Cape Ltd, UK 1976 and Penguin Books, UK 1978. Also translated and published in Japan, Holland, Germany, Spain and to be published in France in 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-491-02093-0

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