JAN 10 - FEB 09, 2019

Flowers Gallery are presenting their first exhibitions of 2019, Flowers Contemporary I, II & III, taking place across both London locations, and the New York gallery. The exhibitions bring together works by gallery artists, representing a wide range of themes and concerns.

A reverspective painting by Patrick Hughes, Riflesso Di Venezia , 2018 (124 x 123 x 18,5 cm) can be seen during the exhibition Flowers Contemporary II at Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road in London.

Flowers Contemporary III will be showing Infinite Hues, 2007 (92 x 226 x 41 cm) at Flowers Gallery in New York.

Flowers Gallery London
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Flowers Gallery New York
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New York NY 10011
Tel: +1 212 439 1700